Convert Prospects into Customers

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Let’s take a look at how you can convert prospects into customers, retain them and keep marketing to them into the future. While your marketing continues to communicate with your prospects, it’s important to keep working on turning those prospects into customers. There are several ways to attract and convert them including:

  • Being inviting
  • Being informative
  • Being enjoyable

For most new customers, their biggest fear is buyer’s remorse. You should try and avoid this at all costs, and it can most easily be mitigated if your product or service is of a high quality and delivers on the claims you make in your marketing.

However, it can still occur. Two ways to solve this problem are:

  • Offering a refund, no questions asked; and
  • Offering a bonus product that can be kept even if the product is returned.

The offers alone will help mitigate buyer’s remorse as the customer’s trust will increase when they see you offering these things.

Depending on which industry you are in, you can convert prospects into customers by offering:

  1. A special price so you can test the market;
  2. A lower price that’s explained as wanting to move stock, pay a tax bill, getting a quick sale to pay for your childs’ braces, or some other tangible reason. Customers love this as it makes you feel much more human and relatable;
  3. An incentive to make referrals to friends and family;
  4. A smaller, less expensive product to build trust;
  5. Package deals:
  6. To reduce the price of their first purchase if they agree to become a repeat customer;
  7. Extra incentives such as extended warranties and free bonuses if you order before a certain date;
  8. Financing options;
  9. A bonus if payment is made in full;
  10. Special delivery or packaging;
  11. “Pay What You Want” (within reason) incentives;
  12. Comparative data or other tools that compare you with your competitors;
  13. A upgrade or trade-up to something they already possess; and
  14. Additional, educational information to help in their decision making process.

As you can see, your options are only limited by your imagination. Try using some of these ideas – or others you think may suit your industry and products or services, and see which ones work best for your target market.

Never lose site of this…

“By making it inviting, easy, informative, non-threatening, educational, inspiring and fun to do business with you, you’ll loft your company above the competition.” Jay Abraham

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